30 Years Lost in Anesthesia Theory 


The MSM confers a new theory of anesthesia, analgesia & allostasis that enables the alteration of anesthesia technique to minimize surgical morbidity and mortality and optimize patient comfort and safety. Before this can happen, certain deeply entrenched habits and beliefs must be reformed. The most important of these is the inherently harmful habit of hyperventilation during anesthesia to rid the body of carbon dioxide, which can only be understood by examining the history of anesthesia and CO2 chemistry. 

 Fresh slide shows that explain the new of anesthesia are currently under construction, along with a slide show that explains how mild "permissive hypercarbia" can be used to revolutionize the ability of anesthesia to reduce surgical complications. 



Please click on the link below to obtain a copy of the  published paper that describes the new theory of anesthesia & analgesia.











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