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"So wars determine theology and philosophy, and the ability to kill and destroy is a prerequisite for permission to live and build."---Will Durant 

The improver of natural knowledge absolutely refuses to acknowledge authority as such. Every great advance in natural knowledge has involved the absolute rejection of authority.----Huxley

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30 Years Lost in Anesthesia Theory

The Capillary Gate Mechanism

Routine Mask Induction and Intubation Without Paralysis May Be Safer

Atherosclerosis and Turbulence 

A Call for Fresh Airway Management Standards 

30 Years Lost in Medical Theory 

A Call for Fresh Standards for Perioperative CO2 Management  

The Mammalian Stress Mechanism/A  Stress  Repair  Mechanism  That  Maintains  Vertebrate  Structure  During  Stress 

A Testable Hypothesis That Explains Surgical Stress 

A  hypothesis:  Factor  VII  governs  clotformation,  tissue  repair  and  apoptosis 

 WJOS Atherosclerosis May Be Caused by Inadequate Turbulence and Mixing 

Four Forgotten Giants of Anesthesia History 

Insoluble Fibrin May Reduce Turbulence and Bind Blood Components into a Clot 

 Is  von  Willebrand  Factora  Hormone  that  Regulates  a  CoagulationMechanism?  

Intraoperative  Hyperventilation  May  Contribute  to  Postop  OpioidHypersensitivity  

Should Soda Lime Be Abolished? 

Soda Lime is a Dangerous Relic of a Forgotten Past 

Stress  repair  mechanism  activity  explains  inflammation  and  apoptosis 

The Mammalian Stress Mechanism (MSM) Explains Radial Artery Spasm (RAS)