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Stress Repair Mechanism.
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PPT Slide Shows that explain the Mammalian Stress Mechanism  

The Mammalian Stress Mechanism

30 Years Lost in Medical Theory 

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 “Not only will men of science have to grapple with the sciences that deal with man, but—and this is a far more difficult matter—they will have to persuade the world to listen to what they have discovered. If they cannot succeed in this difficult enterprise, man will destroy himself by his halfway cleverness.”

—Bertrand Russell, 1872-1970


You won't find this in the news, but countless hours of costly research and test animal torture have yielded the ultimate objective of modern medical science: a theory of disease that elevates medicine from an uncertain art to a predictable science. Like all powerful theories, it has sweeping implications.  It  confers cures for everything from cancer to the common cold. It promises efficient, affordable health care, and a new era of health, prosperity, longevity, and freedom from the eternal scourge of disease and premature death. It clarifies the nature of life, with implications that reside in the realm of science fiction. 

Acceptance won't come easily. Corrupt corporations have lowered an iron curtain of malicious misinformation, and mired medicine in a dark age that will be remembered for ignorance and suffering, as we recall leeches and witchcraft. Priceless principles that save lives and prevent suffering have been hidden and forgotten for the sake of profits at the price of public health, while cancer, chronic disease, and critical illnesses increasingly afflict rich and poor alike. Accordingly, the purpose of this website is to explain how the theory can enhance treatments with existing resources, how it will revolutionize future pharmaceutical research and medical care, and why reform is urgent.

Links to PDF copies of published papers and YouTube slide shows that explain how the MSM works can be found below. 
A book entitled "Recent advances in the stress theory of Hans Selye" is now in the hands of its publisher. Those interested may write to the author at




The Unified Theory of Medicine of Hans Selye


“Medicine, the only profession that labors incessantly to destroy the reason for its existence.” –James Bryce

New: Copies of published papers relevant to stress theory can be downloaded from the author's DropBox by clicking on this link: Published Papers. In addition, Quicktime slide shows are available via the following links:

Part I: The Histo..ry of Stress Theory 

Part II: The MSM Products 

Part III: Enzymes & Cofactors

Part IV: The Vascular Endothelium 

Part V: The Tissue Repair Mechanism 

Part VI: Shortcomings of Physiology Theory 

Part VII: The Capillary Gate Component 

Part VIII: The Capillary Gate Mechanism 

Part IX: Pipe Flow Turbulence 

Part X: The Turbulence Mechanism 

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